Name Matthew | Date Sunday 09 Nov 08, 20:46PM
Matthew Storey

I can finally announce that the band playing at our reception is...The Rinky Dinks - Bristol’s first ukulele supergroup.

These guys play music from the 1930's to the current day, adding their own unique style to every tune.

The Rinky Dinks

Famous musicians to come out of Bristol so far include Bananarama and Neneh Cherry, so The Rinky Dinks new found fame, after having airplay this week on Radio 1, is a welcome addition.

A few months ago when I was speaking to Best man Jon about bands for the reception he suggested The Rinky Dinks and last week Ieuan from the band contacted me. After a few negotiations they were booked. So once we had the news they had agreed to play this story had to run quicker than a Banksy masterpiece on a wet afternoon in Bristol.

So what does it take to lure a band of this stature to Winchester? Expecting some Mariah Carey diva-esque demands we were pleasantly surprised to hear that apart from a bit of dosh, they asked for a crate of beer, some Westons cider and a shower before the show!

So what can I tell you about The Rinky Dinks? Well, there are 5 members in the band:

Having played live on BBC 6 music recently, they went one better this week when they appeared on Radio 1 - Colin Murray played their version of American Idiot by Green Day.

They have specifically asked for a rowdy crowd for the evening so I hope you lot come prepared to crowd surf and get sweaty in the mosh pit! They have also said if there are any specific songs we'd like them to play they will do their best to play them on the night, so if you have any suggestions simply post them on the guestbook and they will be passed on.

The plan is that they will play two sets in between DJ Maysey, the first being just after the evening food arrives. So as a warning, avoid eating too much or you may just be the ironic casualty to their version of 'I bet that you look good on the dancefloor'.

Get hold of a copy of their album 'Oh Yes' released on November 22nd, and find out further information about the band here.

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