Ashley Garland - 11.01.2009
I have discovered another coincidence, Matt's son is called Callum, and Guy's brother is also called Callum!, the spooky plot thickens!!

Kelly-Anne Smith - 14.12.2008
ha ha - Bendog will not be able to contain himself - so many legs to hump

bring on crim-faux


Ashley - 05.12.2008
Shella, I was just discussing with your husband to be, something you wrote on your latest blog. You write "quest for the perfect figure". Having seen the photo of you on the pole, I am confused as to what exactly you have left to work on!! Matt was no help in answering my question!!

Thompson and Rogers - 03.12.2008
Dogs and Tomo here, thought we'd drop you a mail to say ..... your stag do is coming closer ....... and closer ..... and closer....... screw the doors to the wall, glue your blue y fronts to your ass, glue ross's hair (literally the singular) down, bewaare of Edo the phantom foot tickler, tune into Radio Rob, WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

Ieuan - The Rinky Dinks - 24.11.2008
Cheers for the great write-up Matt! Was really good to meet you and Shella briefly on Saturday and we're grateful for you braving the streets of Nailsea to come and see us!

The medley you mentioned consists of Song 2 by Blur, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, Freak Out by Chic and ending on Back In The USSR by The Beatles...

Anyways, keep those song ideas coming and speak to you soon!

Kelly-Anne Smith - 17.11.2008
Hmmmm - so has your website had more visits than mine? This seems somewhat unfair and I may have to beat Matthew with a large keyboard :)

Ashley Garland aka the Monk.... - 17.10.2008
Ha Ha Ha... very well done on the stag profiles, judging by the descriptions I have decided to start reading up Spanish law, and can then double up as legal advisor to all those arrested!!

Scotty - 07.10.2008
By reception, I meant evening do!

Still......lots of Scotty pics on the fun camera's will look good in a wedding album!

Scotty - 07.10.2008
Make sure you have some fun cameras left for the reception!

Matthew Brown - 27.09.2008
As well as Alan Shearer, I also met Kris "Candid" Kamara, at York Races, complete with pencil moustache. Congrats to you both!