Another Matt Storey..???
Name Matthew | Date Friday 09 Jan 09, 10:00PM
Matthew Storey

Back in the day I firmly believed I was the only Matt Storey in the world. Come to think of it, I thought my family were the only Storey's in the world. Then the internet comes along to shatter the illusion.

Lets face it, we've all Googled our own name and we normally end up disappointed when we see that out of over 700,000 results, we find ourselves on page 56.

Well step forward Matt Storey. No not me, but Matt Storey from Lincolnshire who did a search on Google for his name, only to find the Wedding Storey site and then discover the most bizarre set of similarities since identical twins were invented.

Matt emailed me out of the blue just before Christmas introducing himself as another Matt Storey on this planet. Nothing totally remarkable in that you might think, except he too is getting married on 4th July 2009!

Once Matt had delved further into this site he was dumbfounded by the coincidences.

Where shall I start?

Matt, Sam and Callum

Where do the simiarities end - even Matt and Sam's 10 year old
son Callum has the same haircut as I did at his age!


Samantha and Matt

Matt and Samantha are getting married on 4th July 2009


Matt and Sam are getting married in their local village church at 12.30 and then having their reception in a nearby country hotel. Matt jokes that as the weddings are at opposite ends of the country, none of our guests should get confused, but then he's never met Robbie Shearman. This is the man that should've navigated us to a football pitch in Romsey once and instead delivered us to the local industrial estate.

The coincidences keep on growing. Watch this space to see if any more materialise. Maybe Channel 4 might be interested in our story for the next series of Wife Swap?

The only thing left to ask Matt is if he's a 4 a day man like me.....but we're not quite at that level of friendliness yet!

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