The stag do rooms

The rooms for the stag do are as follows:

The Bridal G-Room (Room 1)

Matthew Storey
Jon Luing
Derek Douch
Ross Mayes stag do - Krakow 2007

Leave me out of the door re-hanging this time

The room with no door (2)

Anthony Rogers
Robbie Shearman
Andy Thompson
Scott Cairley

The March Hare Room (3)

Paul Copping
Dean Smith
Gavin Flye

The fine ale lovers room (4)

Martin Whitcher
Darren Churcher
Andy Salter
Mark Flye

The Mick Grimes Room (5)

Paul Roberts
Dave Johnson
Aaron Brown
Matt Brown
Ross Mayes stag do - Krakow 2007

Anyone brave enough to share with Andy Thompson?

The Tidy Room (6)

Ross Mayes
Terry Knappett
Terry Pawling
Darren Ede

The Monastry (7)

Ashley Garland
Paul Cairney
Duncan McAlear
Guy Davis

The Sensible Room (8)

George Roberts
Nick Judd
Michael Bell
Danny Kyle


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