Nikki Smith - Reading

Nikki catches lunch

Nikki catches lunch

Questions we’ve asked everyone:
Favourite joke:
Do you know, the other day, I put so much petrol in my car - I couldnt get in it
Favourite pizza topping: 
Napoletana (Anchovies, Olives, Capers)
If you had to hide a dead body, where would you hide it?
Cemented into the floor of a multi-storey car park/warehouse/ any such big building should do the trick.
Teenage crush?
Louise - My Aunty Lesley's friend.
Ever spoken to a celebrity?
Me and my mate Ed were approached by Fergal Sharky in his limo in the outskirts of Sheffield once.  He wound the window down to ask us the way to a recording studio.
Best song ever?
Can't give a definitive best song ever - but 'Across a hundred and tenth street' by Bobby Womack is as good as any.

Best film ever?
As with song I'm not too sure - but French Connection with Gene Hackman (1971 - year I was born) is a stormer

Apart from your house/car, what is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
As a whole - my record collection. but maybe that doesn't count. To be honest after that it's probably the laptop I'm using now.

If all food was healthy, what would you eat right now?
Curry (always).