Meet the Stags


Meet the stags attending 5 nights of Magaluf sunshine:

Michael Bell
Aaron Brown
Matthew Brown
Scott Cairley
Paul Cairney
Darren Churcher
Paul Copping
Guy Davis
Derek Douch
Darren Ede
Gav Flye
Marc Flye

Michael Bell Spacer
Michael Bell (AKA Bell Man)
Footie team mate and Winchester buddy
A late addition to the stag do. You should be able to find Bell Man in Winchesters only nightclub - The Porthouse on a Saturday night. Has a knack of being on the winning side in 5 a side tournaments - needless to say I'll be on his team if we have one in Magaluf!
Aaron Brown Spacer
Aaron Brown (AKA Honest Aaron, OO)
Friend and brother of Usher Matthew
Aaron is coming out for the weekend on the stag do. Honest Aaron as they call him will always tell the truth so worth getting an opinion on your appearance when hitting those Magaluf nightspots.
Matthew Brown Spacer
Matthew Brown (AKA Old Brown, Dirk Diggler, The Orb)
Usher and friend from school
When you get a spare 5 mins in the company of this man on the stag do, ask him about the dance lessons he had at Claire Goodwin's dance school when he was 10. He may show you some moves and cut some rug with Ashley who also attended at the same time.
Scott Cairley Spacer
Scott Cairley
Gym class hero and Winchester buddy
Scott is getting married 2 months before I do and has very kindly penciled in his stag do the week before I run the London Marathon. Massive Liverpool fan who goes to most big games. One day we'll convert him to a Saints fan.
Paul Cairney Spacer
Paul Cairney (AKA Scotty)
Member of the notorious BC and alcopop prince
Scotty enjoys a beer or two mixed in with a bottle of Hooch or WKD. On the stag do he might be found in the nearest rock club headbanging with the best or maybe stealing your camera and taking pictures of himself.
Darren Churcher Spacer
Darren Churcher
Friend, work chum and cycling buddy
Enjoys getting out on long bike rides before suffering the infamous 'Churcher leg'. This man is part of the Rowlings Road crew along with Martin Whitcher, Mark and Gav Flye and Shella.
Paul Copping Spacer
Paul Copping
Ex Sunday morning footie team mate and Winchester buddy
Once told me he got the munchies on his way back from an night out in Winchester so bought a lump of cheese and ate the whole lot. We also watched a late night bike theft in Amsterdam before seeing the fellon getting caught by the fuzz and crying in the van.
Guy Davis Spacer
Guy Davis (AKA Dabie)
Friend from School
Lives in the 'Monastry' (Duncan McAlear's house) with Ashley. He can be found playing online games daily with his Yank buddies all day and night. Once shot a butterfly through the wings from 30ft away with my air rifle. Cruel bastard.
Derek Douch Spacer
Derek Douch (AKA Inch, Squeaky, The Phantom Scuffer)
Brother in Law
Take care if following this man to the loo. If there are any suspicious looking pea like objects on the floor, chances are it is a partly poo'ed out pea from Derek's backside!
Also has a tendancy to 'scuff' the back of the loo.
Darren Ede Spacer
Darren Ede (AKA Thighs, Silver haired fox)
Ex Saturday footie team mate and friend
A regular stag do room mate with me. This man has the biggest thighs in the business and has been known to crush rocks with them. A recluse nowadays but has decided to come out of hiding for my stag do.
Gav Flye Spacer
Gav Flye
Winchester buddy
Shella used to live opposite Gav and she remembers when he was just a baby. Guess that makes me old but hey, we need to bring down the average age of the stag do. When he's not hitting the town Gav likes a game of footie on Saturdays and Sundays.
Marc Flye Spacer
Marc Flye (AKA Ging)
Ex footie friend and stag shower buddy
Elder brother of Gav. I once shared a shower with him on Martin Whitcher's stag do. I can only think we were doing our bit for the environment. Enjoys a drink and a boogie.