Derek Smith - Father of the Bride

Derek cooking the brekkie

Derek cooking the brekkie

Questions we’ve asked everyone:
Favourite joke:
Lady dies and goes to heaven where she is looking forward to being reunited  with her husband.  She asks St Peter where she can find Bill Smith.  St Peter replies  "crikey, there are a hell of a lot of Bill Smith's".  She thinks and replies he promised me that if he was ever unfaithful he would roll over and die.  Oh, says St Peter, you mean whirling Bill Smith.
Favourite pizza topping: 
Spicy chorizo and cheese
If you had to hide a dead body, where would you hide it?
In a cemetery
Teenage crush?
Judy Lewis
Ever spoken to a celebrity?
Inspector Wexford, at the races
Best song ever?
Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues

Best film ever?
The Pink Panther

Apart from your house/car, what is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
Mary's engagement ring - not only did I have to buy the ring, but we had to go to Sri Lanka to get it which cost an arm and a leg.

If all food was healthy, what would you eat right now?
Fresh crab