Name Matthew | Date Tuesday 23 Sept 08, 21:59PM
Matthew Storey

This stag do organisation is proving to be tricky.

For the select people invited on the EasyJet flight to Magaluf in June 2009 I needed a £50 deposit by 27th September. That's 4 days away. So far I've had 20 deposits paid and probably 6 or 7 who will push the deadline to the limit. I just hope when the day arrives to pay the full amount everyone is ready to cough up or I might have to either sell my body or, maybe slightly easier, remortgage my house.

BCM nightclub, Magaluf 1994

BCM nightclub, Magaluf 1994

The burning question is what's on the agenda for the 5 nights we're there? Well thats up to Best Man Jon to have a think about but I'm sure there will be the odd beer consumed or even the odd night out.

Having been to Magaluf three times before I know what to expect - bars, underground clubs and those annoying people on the streets begging for you to go for a shot of that green mouthwash in their 'English pub'. For some that haven't been I'm probably not painting a very good picture, but its a great party town with a superb beach.

I had a chat earlier with my mate Paul Roberts who's going on a golf stag do in Devon this weekend and I told him I can guarantee we'll be having a round of Crazy Golf on my stag do. Don't you just love those courses they build by the beach out of concrete that have seen better days? And those balls they supply that ping like one of those rubber power balls. It's all part of the holiday fun.


Good picture? Shella cooked this one.

For the more sensible people coming on the stag do (I won't mention names - Ross Mayes) I thought I'd do some research into Majorca and find some facts on the island.
Tennis player Rafael Nadal comes from here, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas spend half a year here and there are over 2,400 restaurants on the island.
I'm sure there are plenty of other facts (and feel free to email in a few more) but lets face it, Magaluf is like a principality - It simply won't reflect what the rest of the island is like.

Talking of restaurants, another thing that springs to mind when going on a cheap package holiday is when you go to what you think is a classy restaurant and the menu just contains pictures of the food. And they're never the best pictures either. Have you ever ordered something from a picture and its arrived looking exactly the same? Me neither.

Anyway, here's to the final few paying up the deposit and joining me and Michael Douglas for a round of 18 hole crazy golf on the stag do.