D - ouch!!!
Name Matthew | Date Friday 19 Sept 08, 19:08PM
Matthew Storey

The website has been live for a week now and the comments have been (mostly) great.  I say 'mostly' because we've got into big trouble with my sister, Samantha Douch, due to the rather dodgy photo of her in the 'Meet the Cast' section!

Samantha and Derek

Samantha and Derek

I'm sure that many of you, like Samantha, look back now at photos of yourself with permed hair from the 80's and ponder how on earth looking like a poodle could ever have been considered attractive? 

Samantha is also very annoyed that she is not featured as one of the 'bobbing heads' which appear on every page on this site, unlike her two children, Maddison and Josh (our bridesmaid and pageboy) and mum, Patricia (all of whom have taken great delight in pointing this out to her constantly!).  She has also expressed concern about the seating plan, stipulating that a seat on the top table is a 'must' as she has been a bride twice herself (never a bridesmaid) and expects nothing less!  She has threatened to wear a big white dress to the wedding if we don't accommodate her wishes!!!!!

In an attempt to appease her, we have posted this photograph of Samantha looking smashing with husband Derek in June this year, about to set off for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot.  Incidentally, she won 'Most Exotically Dressed Lady' at Salisbury Ladies Day with this hat in July (which she made herself), and was also a runner up at Fontwell Park.  Hope this picture meets with your approval Mamf!