What a wanger
Name Shella | Date Sunday 19 Oct 08, 19:33PM
Shella Smith

We've decided to let you into a little secret; we're going to have a welly wanging competition at our wedding reception, hence the title of this blog.  As we've got so much space in the field, we thought we'd make good use of it by having some party games to entertain our guests.  We were also inspired after attending Sparsholt Church fete in June (how rock n roll are we eh!?) when we were highly amused by their welly wanging competition, particularly when one participant managed to misdirect his welly into the car park and another narrowly avoided knocking out a small child.

In the interests of scientific research, we decided to try out welly wanging for ourselves as there seems to be some debate over which wanging technique is most effective.  There appears to be two main camps in the wanging world; those who prefer the 'through-the-legs-and-over-the-head-backwards-fling', and those who favour the 'shotput overarm toss'.  This video shows the outcome of a carefully controlled experiment during which we put both techniques to the test.  As you will see, the winner is definitely the shotput overarm toss.  Any ladies who have a rather girly throw like me though, may find that taking a bit of a run-up before the toss can produce a bit more distance.
Just don't forget to let go!
And who had the longest wang?  It was Matthew of course!

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