Name Matthew | Date Sunday 18 April 09, 11:18PM
Matthew Storey

Ok, so we haven’t written a blog since before Easter, but at least it’s given us the chance to write about something that’s actually happened rather than talk about seeing random wildlife. 

The Belll Inn - Shella's Dads local and scene of wine gathering

The Bell Inn - Shella's Dads local and scene of wine gathering

Last week we sampled the wine for the wedding, which saw us ‘blind tasting’ five white and four red wines whilst having a meal at the Bell Inn in St Cross (who are doing the catering for the wedding).  Hopefully you’ll agree that we chose the best ones.  I left the white wine sampling to Shella as I’m not a big fan, which is just as well because I heard on the radio today that a glass of white wine has as many calories as a slice of cake.  As Shella and I are running the marathon (in case we’ve not mentioned this before) we only took tiny sips of our wine and poured the rest away.  Shella’s dad Derek, however, made up for us and took full advantage by necking all nine glasses! Good work if you ask me and after this darn marathon I’ll be necking more than just a few glasses of vino.

The stag do isn’t too far away now and I’m trying to get all passport details from the 30 that are coming. Problem is although everyone has paid up they’re not very forthcoming in supplying the essential details. In fact at the same time as the email went out to request the passport details, best man Jon asked everyone for nicknames for the back of the customary stag do t shirts and I swear he got more responses for that.  Some interesting full names coming out of the woodwork though. I couldn’t possibly reveal them but let’s just say the ones that needed prompting for names had the worst. For the record my middle name is Hamilton. I’m really hoping that next week I can give you the rundown of the fun and games for the stag do. Jon came round on Easter Monday to finalise the details and the fancy dress on the Saturday night will be good. Let’s just say I can’t wait to see my brother-in-law, Derek, wearing his outfit.

Another meeting with The Special One beckons

Another meeting with The Special One beckons

I was prompted this week to chase Lace up about the suits which are having alterations but I started to worry when I had no response on email or text. It was then left to Bridesmaid Kelly to kick some ass in Selfridges today. Unfortunately Lace (The Special One) had the day off. This man seems to have more days off than a footballer’s wife. Luckily after a lot of confusion over where our suits were, Lace gave me a personal call from Cagney and Lacey towers to reassure me it was all under control and we are now meeting up with him in Selfridges on my birthday (28th April) to try on the suits and Lace is going to treat us to lunch and hopefully we can get him on the lash with us later.

I’ve been racking my brains for music to be played at the wedding reception this week and as I was driving home from work last week I heard Mel and Kim’s Respectable. It might have to be added to the play list. Come on, I’m an 80’s child. It was actually the first album I ever bought on Compact Disk. Shella can’t remember hers. She claims it was some kind of ‘Precious Metal’ album containing Heart’s Alone and John Farnham Your the Voice. Might be worth hitting the bar if any of those songs come on.

Right, I’m off to tay tay tay tay t t t t t tay take a dump....

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