Sticklebricks v Lego?
Name Shella | Date Monday 17 Nov 08, 21:50PM
Shella Smith

Since getting engaged, Matthew and I have been forced to scrutinse our relationship on countless occasions when people keep asking us the (very valid) question of "So why did it take you so long?" Even the vicar asked, and she clearly wasn't impressed with our answer as she promptly invited us to marriage preparation classes. That was a step too far for Matthew so I had to convince the vicar that as we've been together for such a long time, there was nothing much they could teach us. However, I did find myself pondering last week whether it is possible to be with someone for too long? This came about because we managed to have a full half hour conversation about the relative virtues of Sticklebricks versus Lego, without even batting an eyelid about what a ridiculous and frankly dull conversation this was! Could it be that once you've been with your husband/wife for a certain length of time you simply run out of interesting conversations? Or do we just need to get out more? I suspect it's probably the latter! So you'll be relieved to know that we're travelling up to Bristol this weekend to stay with Best Man Jon and see The Rinky Dinks play at their album launch (more of that in next week's blog).


Ok, its a woman sitting on a piece of Lego
but its grabbed your attention right?

On to other matters, this week I thought I'd give you a run down on the visits from around the world that our website is attracting and some of the strange ways that people are finding us.

So far since the site's launch on Friday 12th September there have been over 1,200 visitors from around the world including Australia, Malaysia, Colombia and Sweden. At one point we almost had to shut the Guestbook down thanks to some plonker in Germany who decided to spam the guestbook twice a day with links to a virus.

It seems lots of people coming on the stag and hen do's have been searching for their own names in Google and found 'theweddingstorey' to appear as number one in the rankings. Someone found us by using the search terms 'Groom and Bride swapped clothes'. Another intrigued person searched for 'drunken injuries in Magaluf' and managed to find this site, but the funniest has to be some strange person who looked for 'Andrew Thompson albino people'. Come on now, which of you was it......?

By the way, in case you're wondering, I'm more of a Lego fan myself as I prefer a more versatile building block. Matt's a Sticklebrick man. He thinks they feel nice.

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