You called me what??
Name Matthew | Date Sunday 12 Oct 08, 18:47PM
Matthew Storey

I promised a lot of people that the first video blog would be happening on this site today but after a sunny weekend I've only just found the time to do it and its now too dark to film. So you'll have to wait til next weekend for that one.

The biggest thing happening at the moment is the confirmation of the stag do line up. Everyone paid up pretty much on time although there was one 11th hour casualty who shall not be named that failed to meet the deadline.

Darren Ede

A little more of the mysterious Darren Ede for
those that wondered what he looks like from the front

On Friday I spoke to Shella's Auntie Jane who's organising the stag do about flights and accommodation and although the hotel is far from a done deal, it's looking like the flights are almost sorted, and they could be perfect flights too. Thirty seats have been reserved on Flybe going out from Southampton at 10.15am on Wednesday 17th June 2009 arriving at Palma airport at 1.30pm and flying back on Monday 22nd June at 2.10pm getting back to Southampton at 3.30pm. Hopefully this should please the late risers.

I also spoke to Best Man Jon on Friday too and he's got a great idea for the 5 days in Magaluf that's going to need everyone to participate. I can't say anymore than that at this stage but it should be fun.

Another thing you might have noticed is all profile pics of the stags are now on the site. I expected to put a few noses out of joint with the nicknames and info on each person attending but so far I've only had feedback from two people about their profles- Scotty (Paul Cairney) who emailed to assure me that he no longer drinks Alcopops and hasn't done so for over two years and Darren Ede who texted me his thanks for putting up a picture of his arse where everyone else has face shots! And what a fine arse it is, according to Shella, although she's still waiting for her new specs to arrive.


Ok, here's the dodgy pic of me. Happy now?

I wanted to put the profiles online by Friday evening but there was one member of the stag party that I didn't have a picture of - Guy Davis. I actually did have a few photos of him at my birthday parties when we were around 9 years old which I could have used but they were a bit small, so I went round his house on Friday armed with my camera, but the diva refused to have his picture taken. In the end he reluctantly emailed me the pic I've put on this site of him wearing goggles. Vain git! I've had no other response so I'm assuming this means that everyone else is happy with their profiles. So who has the worse profile overall?

I'll leave that for you to decide...