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Name Shella | Date Sunday 02 Nov 08, 21:23PM
Shella Smith

The forthcoming wedding celebrations have made me start to scrutinise my appearance rather too closely over the last few months.  This self-obsession, bordering on vanity, is becoming very time consuming.  However, I don't think I'm solely to blame for this as, whilst watching the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing, Matt was dribbling over Ola Jordan wearing a skin tight leopard skin cat suit.  Admittedly she did look amazing, but that doesn't excuse him saying out loud "I'm gonna dream about Ola tonight".  When I reminded him that I was sat next to him and that he shouldn't utter such thoughts out loud, he said "Oh yeah sorry, I'll think about Ola's body with your head on it".  Great.  Like that was supposed to make me feel better!

Matt and Ola

Matt and Shella make their Strictly Come Dancing debut

In an attempt to achieve Ola-like curves, I thought that running would be a good way to get in shape and have even entered next year's London Marathon.  Whilst I've no doubt this will result in lovely toned legs and a shapely derriere, I'd somehow forgotten that the training means hours and hours of running in the cold and dark winter months, in the rain, snow and ice, and then running 26 miles in one go.  Perhaps not such a good idea.  Still, no pain no gain.  I really do need to start training soon though as I've lapsed rather badly in my strict regime.  That's because we've been dog-sitting for the last two weeks for Matt's sister's dogs, Poppy and Rosie.  They have literally turned our lives upside down.  We've not slept properly since they arrived as they insist on barking every time a car goes by, all through the night.  We let Poppy sleep on the bed the other night, until she started making honking noises.  Luckily I just managed to boot
her off the bed before she chundered on the floor.  We managed to get her out the front door before she puked again and was still puking when the post man came up the drive.  She still managed to chase him off though, honking all the way.


I've also been focussing on ridding myself of wrinkles by having facials every few weeks, but not the nice relaxing kind, I've been having oxi-jet facials.  This involves blasting cold air into your skin cells.  Apparently Jennifer Anniston is a big fan.  I've also found the most amazing lady to do my hair and make-up on the day, Sally Riceman.  I was tying to describe the kind of look I'd like to achieve when she said to me "Are we thinking Cheryl Cole?"  Yes, that's it exactly!  I've always been a fan of big hair and no one does big hair like Cheryl Cole (if you look at the photo in the Gallery of me, Claire and Sharon in Kavos, you'll see this for yourself).  I've also spent a small fortune on various lotions and potions in an attempt to bring about eternal youth.  The photo opposite is one of my latest purchases.  I'm sure it's actually just mud mixed with toothpaste - at least that's what it smells like.

Eat your heart out Ola!

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