Hen Do - Newquay - June 2009
Name Bridesmaid Kelly | Date Sunday 17 May 09
Bridesmaid Kelly

Hello faithful bloggers – so it’s my turn now (chief bridesmaid) to have a go at writing this thing – but don’t worry – there will be no where NEAR as much as the best man managed!

No horsing around on this Hen do

No horsing around on this Hen do

To start - I have to say that I am not your average girl, and the idea of being a bridesmaid is not something I have ever coveted; all those peach, taffeta dresses and bridezilla moments (shudder), no – not my cup of tea at all. However, there is nothing I am happier about at the moment than being my little-big sister’s bridesmaid as I knew there would be NO bridezilla moments, NO peach and NO taffeta… AND because she’s my big sis, and I adore her.  Also I get the proud pleasure of organising the hen do – and I do LOVE to organise.

So, to the hen-do’s, yes plural, we are women, so we don’t just have 1.

Ascot Ladies Day – what-what!

Land of Hope and Drunken Antics..

Land of Hope and Drunken Antics..

There are 10 of us gorgeous girls off to Ascot Ladies Day in all our finery; we are not going to the Essex arena, but the more pricey entrance to ensure a lower level of fake tan cross-contamination. 
We plan to have a champagne picnic in the car park (hmmm, not quite so classy I agree) then it’s off to the totes to get some good odds.  I have taken a brief course in Tic-Tac-Toe so we’ll be in the know on what to bet on.

After all the races have been run it’s off to the bandstand for a bit of a sing song – girls, please make sure you’ve learnt Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory by heart, Shella and I are word perfect after years of Proms in the Park. After the final Barrel has been ‘rolled out’ it’s back in the cabs for what I am sure will be a very sober and civilised journey home.

The Converted Chapel - St Columb Minor – Where??

For the second part of the hen do, there are 11 gorgeous girls heading down to the south-west for a grown up weekend of wine tasting and scrabble… The weekend will run roughly along these lines…

Friday – Arrive in St Columb Minor where we will each have a dry sherry before starting our knitting pool.  We have blue wool to make sure Shella gets her ‘something blue’ for the big day, she’s gonna love it.

Saturday – In the morning we will be doing a Pilates class on the beach, followed by a healthy mixed nettle smoothie to detox last night's sherry.  In the afternoon it’s back to the knitting, followed by a light supper and early to bed that night – we need her looking her best for church after all.

I'm a little teapot

I'm a little teapot

Sunday – Church, of course, where a small sip of communion wine will be allowed, as it will be followed by a bracing walk in the Cornish countryside.  On Sunday evening we will be making a roast dinner as a group - there’s no such thing as too many cooks - effort, before watching black and white educational films on ‘how to be a good wife’.

Monday – Travelling back to our respective homes refreshed, revitalised and at peace with the world.

There are just a couple of things to note about the above statement…

  1. Shella doesn’t really know what we’re doing, so why should I tell you?
  2. Does anyone actually knit anymore?
  3. St Columb Minor is in Newquay… need I say more

See you at the wedding (I’ll be the one in the peach taffeta with a clipboard)

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